Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Embryology and The Breath of Life

One of the many things I learnt from my cranio course is embryology. The discovery of a leading embryologist, Dr. Erich Blechschmidt caught my attention recently. He discovered that the ordering and organization of our early development does not occur due to genetics operating through DNA. In fact, he found out that genetic influences do not begin to fully operate until about 6 weeks after conception!

"Hereditary factors are important, but they are not the only condition for the process of diferentiation. The genes themselves do not perform the differentiation process" - Dr. Erich Blechschmidt.

What does this mean? Is there some kind of "formative force", independent from the genetic factors that lays down the code for the organization and differentiation of the human embryo?

Craniosacral therapists believe such a formative force exist, and they call it The Breath of Life. And, this formative force carries our essential blueprint for the formation and health of a human being; it carries the "original matrix" of the structure of what it means to be a human being.

Thus, the ultimate aim of a biodynamic craniosacral therapist is to facilitate the expression of this "original matrix" in tissues, fluids and organs such that our body can re-organize and re-regulate itself once more.

All these may sound a little New Age-like (or like a friend said, so Jedi-like), but the movement of the tissues and fluids due to the action of The Breath of Life can be palpated by trained hands, and can also be sensed by the clients themselves. To me, the understanding that our blueprint for health is still available for everyone fills me with hope for relieve, recovery and rejuvenation from illnesses.

I'm ever in awe of this miracle inherent in all of us.

(Photo above shows a 4 weeks human embryo.)

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